Thursday, April 14, 2016

Getting Older

I was very sorry today.
I have found my  m-phone's lost charger in my desk's drawer. I was surprised when I saw it because was looking for it since four days, and I was supposed that I have forgotten it at the other office. Since four days, I have gone to the same office, and never thought to check my desk's drawer...
Does it mean that I am getting older? I think it does... I hope it does not.
Yes, I am not a young person anymore for something which is like to be a ballet dancer, or to play a violin very well. But I should not be older as much as not to remember where I left my charger tools...

Ok Ok, being a ballet dancer is a terrible example. A big possible, only children can begin to study ballet dance.
I am afraid I am getting older... Why is this idea scaring me? I was born in a time. I am living still. So, is not it clear that I will die in a time, and for that I will of course getting older... People are so strange. Really...

See you soon guys,

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