Sunday, April 10, 2016

Everyday practice

Following advice is given by a famous instructor named Simon. I have already known it before he said, but it is barely hard to find time to practice to me.
"For various reasons, I haven't been able to write today's blog post until now. Some days I have plenty of time to make a good lesson or even write a full essay, while other days I might only have time to write a quick tip. The important thing, I think, is to stick to my daily blogging habit and keep going.
I give the same advice to my students: If you want to improve your English and your IELTS score, just do something every day that helps you to move forward."
As you know if you do not employ something it can be forgot somewhere or flies your mind... So, I have decided to write whatever I find daily or at least weekly. Lets do it...

I woke up early enough today.

It is still strange to me even after many years how I wake up around eight o'clock easily on Sundays, however I wake up hardly on week days. I guess it is about that if you do not need to wake up, it is easy to you, but if you have to wake up, you think and think on about it, and you do not want to get up. Weekends is not an entertainment, resting or free times to me for a long time. All my weekends are full with homework unfortunately.  Nevertheless, I am not complaining for that process rather I am happy actually. Because I chose this myself.
For now, that is it...

Hope see you next week
Best, Aze

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