Sunday, September 7, 2014

A Simple Essay about Education

What do yo think about today's educators who place so much emphasis on finding out what students want to include in the curriculum and then giving it to them?

The statement above itself consists a bit misleading in that in my education experience. The education system that is controlled by student hardly existed since its inception or in recent times. Some school curriculum might seem as though it has some proposal for students such as graduation elective courses, but it is so obvious, that sorts of courses also has been determined by the administration. Therefore, I do not believe our current education system is permitted involving of students’s decision what they want to learn, and I also do not agree with this statement that students can choose their courses whatever they want. 

On classroom level, the immediate, initial material may have been somewhat set forth by the students, this is a part of process allowed by the teachers, professors in order to gain interest and attention of the students.Let us think one moment schools’s curriculum has been prepared by students. This would be cause too much problem of any one thing, for instance, would serve ultimately to dilute the quality of education system unless a single counselor devote significant amount of time to the individual student.This amount of time, or expense to the student of individual attention seems to indicate that resources would be better allocated elsewhere. 
Moreover, if students dictate and educators do, students will never learn academic responsibility, and if they cannot be accountable for homework, duties assigned by educators what other responsibilities will avoid when they get older ?

Teachers are there to satisfy the needs of students, and the students, while presumably are not being the most knowledgeable, experienced person what their need actually are, at least should be afforded by someone. This, my point of view does not mean teachers should not observe the students for the purpose of how they do learn. It goes without saying, every people have a different learning style such as by listening, seeing, and doing. They can be also active and passive learners. Learning is a learning how to think and schools are places where students are taught how to think on on their own,and to learn to debate, to argue in a academic way through assignments.

Consequently, teaching is a method that should be developed by educators in effectively, and learning is a process that should be followed by students in rigorously...  

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