Wednesday, June 4, 2014

What else?

Nobody who has a place on someone's heart is not a prisoner in his/her own cage...

Music is a good thing.. Music is in your heart... Listen to; Lal... Singer; Sertap Erener
Sigmund Freud once said that "fall in love and working are two main function of being healthy as mentally." or even it is like that those functions are enough to seem healthy...

Unfortunately, Freud died for a long time ago. Also, there is no utter on science. We should not expect certain results from science studies...
In my opinion if there is a harmony between my thought, behaviors, and emotions it means I am healthy as mentally... if it is so; Nobody is healthy as mentally!

Behavior is abnormal, not people!

Reality is a very complicated thing. What is reality testing? If we can differentiate what is in my interior reality, and what is in exterior reality, it means you know what is reality. If it is so, if you are aware that you have delusions There is no problem!

Dreams are great movies, even they are nightmares, which shown by our mind!

We fear, worry and feel anxiety merely when we do not understand what is going on!
All in all, Good for you...