Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Years

There is a new social sharing web site in the US named "". It is said that it can be replaced instead of the Facebook. You may confess whatever you want through this web site and people may read and comment on it. I think that this idea for this web site was stolen from Turkey because we had that kind of web site about fifteen years ago. However, it does not matter who created the idea first. Instead of a New Year's wish, I would like to confess something... It would not be so special as expected, like sexy stories. Those would be pretty general things. For examples ;

* There is a famous and cult Turkish book named as originally "Aylak Adam", in English " Idle Man" Intellectual individuals love that book because they think that it is exemplifies the freedom of unemployment or the slavery of work. I really do not like that book and I cannot understand people who like that book. "Idle Man" who is the main character of the book is a rich man. He has earned his income from renting a couple flats. He certainly can mention that working too much is slavery for the people... I just liked one sentence of that book; when his girl friend writes in her blog this sentence " I love you my darling. date :../.." He has noted that "She should be not to love me, because if she does she could not remember date of the day!" I loved that phrase because it was a very deep thought to me at that time. Now, I have changed my mind. Maybe I am getting older, I am not sure, but I think this idea of this kind of love is overrated and too idealistic. If we believe in this kind of love, then we should believe in fairy tales.Yet, the life is real and we are human beings not an angels!
* I think I do not know how to love! Maybe that is why I do not know how it is feels to be loved!
* Even if  there is no notable story, I do love Chinese movies, especially ones that shows people who fly through trees, women who fight with flying dresses, and one man who fight against an entire army. And I do love people whose dignity and eyes that can stare each others for minutes.
* I do love animation more than Chinese movies.
* I really do not like when young people using a lot abbreviations when they text. If this means that I am getting older I do not care, but I am not old! I said I am not old!
* I can still fall in love with an actor! For example the last actor I fell in love with was in a Korean movie named Daisy. His name is Jung Woo-Sung. I would not lie you. I talked to my first Korean friend as soon as we meet about how I love him. I went to Amsterdam just to see the place where Daisy was filmed.
* I do not know what a "hashtag" is and I do not want to know. I do not have to learn everything, do I ?
* I read my horoscope everyday, moreover I believe in most of what it says...

whatever, listen to ;  Oh Mirror Oh Mirror

" Mirror oh mirror
I will tell you my story
Tell me who am I?
I am yourself and you are mine
Even if you got older and changed
You will always be in my eyes
Oh mirror "

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